How To Become An Avon Brand Ambassador

D5162314-E566-4313-81BA-66FF4DF43947.pngWhat Usually Happens Before You Become An Avon Brand Ambassador

It costs $25 to become an Avon Representative. This one-time investment comes with a ready to go customized estore that anyone can shop from.

The full Avon Starter Kt details can be read here.

Many Avon consultants typically start off by searching “avon reps near me” or “sell avon online“. This search will take you to the main Avon website where you’ll be matched with an Avon rep within your district. Although that’s a great way to start selling Avon, oftentimes you don’t know the district manager at all and you may become just a number. Avon appoints district managers to teams and these managers are moved around frequently. The person you’ve been assigned to may not always be around to help you get started.

What Should Happen When You Become An Avon Brand Ambassador

The best way to become an Avon consultant is to go through someone you know personally. Follow an Avon rep on social media and join their team, is my advice. Think about the way you’d want to use your Avon to earn money. Check out Avon reps to see how they’re marketing their business.

How To Choose An Avon Consultant 

In a sea of Avon reps everywhere online, it’s tough to figure out how you will stand out in a the crowd. I chose to highlight other Gorgeous Avon Reps, get to know them, and how they started selling Avon online. Even without a very big team of personal recruits, I formed a partnership with these ladies to succeed selling Avon online. This was my way of standing out from the crowd and bringing them with me. Read more about my growing team of Gorgeous Avon Reps. New Avon happened to launch their huge campaign at the same time that I was discovering the next generation of beautiful Avon reps that were proudly showing their followers how to apply the makeup, take care of your skin, and love the skin you’re in. Avon is so much more than handing out brochures, it’s about connecting with others. It just so happens that with connecting, we also have perks of being an Avon Rep that the public will never know.

How To Start Making Money As An Avon Representative

When you add members to your team, you earn a percentage of their personal/client sales. What you may not know is how Avon compensates you with bonuses, trips, specialty sample pricing and more. You can earn between $20-$150 bonuses for each new person who signs up to sell Avon under you. You instantly join Avon leadership when someone becomes an Avon rep using your customized Avon recruiting link. This link is difficult to view from your phones but easily visible from a PC. Most Avon reps buy their beauty products from our personal estore. When someone signs under you, you’ll begin making residual pay for all of their purchases and so on. These new Avon reps are called your first generation, or G1. The beauty in buying from yourself through your Avon store is also the Line of Credit you’ll receive. I received a $200 line of credit from Avon after my first 6 campaigns. This means I never have to pay for any of the personal items I purchase until the next campaign. Here are some Line of Credit FAQ’s. 

Avon Levels of Leadership 

As a Promoter, your focus is selling amazing products to consumers and inviting others
to join your team.

As an Ambassador, you enter the first levels of Leadership. Your focus continues on selling consistently and sponsoring others to join your team.

As a Leader, you role model behaviors of success and show your team how to reach
their sales and team building goals. The best way to coach them is by example – selling consistently, sponsoring others, and training & developing your team members.

As an Executive Leader, you continue to focus on personal sales, team building and sponsoring others, while coaching the Leaders on your team to identify, mentor, and
support future Leaders in their own team.

Avon Executive leaders receive $250-$450 lifestyle bonuses each campaign when you match your previous campaign sales as a team. There are always bonuses, incentives, and rewards even for first level Avon leaders. For example, there is currently a $400 reward on the table that many of the Avon reps have already earned within my Avon district.










The new Avon incentive is what’s padding everyone’s pockets right now. When you recruit one person to your Avon team, you are instantly part of “leadership”. Within the next 3-13 campaigns will determine your bonus going forward. The flyer below breaks down the new pay plan. 2018 AVON


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